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El Bob in Bahamas Day 1

El Bob arrives at Old Bahama Bay resort in Grand Bahama. He is overwhelmed by the colors and natural life around the resort. He feels like he’s back home.

El Bob sits on some very plushy grass. They don’t have grass like this back in the states.

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El Bob in the Desert

El Bob goes to one of his favorite locations, Palm Springs, CA. It’s the desert, where coconuts aren’t usually found – but El Bob likes to be different.

El Bob’s first stop when arriving in LA is usually Carl’s Jr, In-N-Out, or Jack in the box.

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El Bob at Sonic

El Bob went to his very first Sonic after seeing the commercials for years, as a new location opened up in Totowa, NJ on US-46.

El Bob’s verdict: ¡No vaya!

Maybe the trip would have been more worth it if there weren’t sixty two thousand cars waiting in line while the rest thirty thousand cars were forced to make two U-Turns to park at another lot to walk over. It then took another 15 minutes of waiting in line to order from a machine where the microphone was 7 feet up. Wonderful design guys, wonderful. El Bob only tried a plain burger with tater tots and unsweetened iced tea, so perhaps he didn’t get the full 2000 calorie experience as intended. The food was normal. El Bob will have to go back early morning sometime and try their steak and eggs breakfast burrito and compare it with the Jack-in-the-Box version. Either way it was an interesting and fun experience nonetheless considering he was with two El Bob fans.

El Bob in his own Sonic booth waiting to be served.

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El Bob at Paul Miller BMW Fest

El Bob went to his very first BMW meet at Paul Miller. He saw a lot of pimped out rides though none of them are close to his P.I.M.P. status.

The Lotus is almost as cute as El Bob, but not quite.

Angry M3.

Does El Bob look as fierce?

El Bob and the number 8.

El Bob is so fast not even Brembos are enough to stop him.

El Bob likes black and white, since he can only see in black and white.

El Bob’s best friend, Boba.

El Bob in West Palm Beach

El Bob spontaneously made a 24-hour trip to West Palm Beach, FL to cruise on a yacht with a bunch of ladies, then spent the night at a DoubleTree before heading back to New York the next morning. El Bob made some Boston friends on the yacht who were already fans of him.

El Bob gets some welcoming love at the DoubleTree

El Bob is impressed by this DoubleTree lobby.

A nice warm treat when El Bob checked in.


El Bob is ready for yet another adventure!

“Adventure is out there!”

El Bob likes being carried around.

El Bob wants to be a captain someday.

El Bob will just be a passenger for today.

El Bob found a perfect seat.

Make that two.

El Bob needs to redo his tan.

El Bob likes to share the sun.

El Bob likes to share his seat too.

El Bob savors the coconut rice. Smells just like him.

El Bob eating healthy with a Hawaiian salad.

El Bob is tired after a long day being the Mac Daddy.

El Bob discusses his insurance policy with his agent.

El Bob has dinner at Chick-Fil-A

El Bob conquers the waffle fries.

When you’re not looking…

El Bob in the Big Apple

El Bob spent the day in New York City and made a few new friends. There is absolutely too much to see, it would take El Bob a few lifetimes to cover everything. Due to bad weather and limited time, El Bob could only visit a small seashell-full of places. He started with breakfast at Central Cafe, then off to Grand Central where he took the A to Museum of Natural History. El Bob walked through Central Park and into the Central Park Zoo to say hi to some penguin and polar bear friends. It was then off to the Apple store to play with the new iPhone 3Gs. El Bob walked through Times Square in the rain, visited the New York Public Library, which was kinda smelly, and finally ended up at the Guggenheim. There will be many more New York City trips for him in the future.

The reason why I prefer to use a point and shoot camera is deeper depth of field. Even with a super wide 16mm lens wide open, the background will be blurred out, whereas this does not happen with my Sony Cybershot.

El Bob barely fits on the center island, narrowly escapes the taxis.

Free water park for El Bob!

El Bob enjoys people watching, and watching you too.

Too bad there are no people to watch.

El Bob does not pose for Nikon users.

Welcome to El Bob’s living room.

El Bob wonders how many of his relatives can fit in here.

El Bob rushing for the subway.

El Bob just made it.

El Bob is thinking of getting another tattoo.

El Bob has friends of all sizes, dead or alive.

“Hi brontosaurus.”

El Bob has a staring contest with Sharky. It’s a tie.

El Bob meets Mr Ed.

“Giddy up!”

El Bob enjoys live music.

El Bob wishes he could swim, but he can’t even float.

El Bob walks just like the penguins.

El Bob is always around water.

El Bob wants to give Mr Polar Bear a CocaCola.

This is the perfect keyboard for El Bob while playing “Up.”

DJ El Bob in the house.

Taking a breather, El Bob can’t stand too many Apple fanboys.

El Bob needs these babies in his room.

El Bob is Mac and PC compatible.

El Bob is saving up for La Bebe.

El Bob just met Dug and he loves him.

El Bob helps crush sesame seeds.

El Bob is ready for fetch.

Time for El Bob to get educated.

El Bob should have his own statue.

El Bob is looking out for any cute girls.

El Bob is a bookpig.

El Bob would like to crawl all over the ceiling if he could.

El Bob visits Lady Liberty.

El Bob passes through a wet Times Square.

El Bob with his three new friends.

El Bob hits up Las Vegas

The day after Italy, El Bob flies straight to Las Vegas for some R&R. Although El Bob does not gamble, there are still plenty of ways to throw his money away. El Bob stayed at The Signature by MGM Grand, which had a great deal for a large one bedroom suite with jacuzzi, and no annoying casino in the lobby. El Bob likes to do manly things, which is why he took a ride in a Corvette ZHZ sporting a LS3 6.2L V8 436 horsepower engine, as well as a Mini Cooper-S convertible. El Bob also went to The Gun Store and rented the Coalition Package which includes the M249 SAW, M16 Riffle, and a M9 Pistol. El Bob tore up Osama’s face, no sweat.

As much fun as El Bob had, he sometimes wishes there was a Miss El Bob (though not really named Miss El Bob) to share a Piña Colada with. Looking for someone to hook him up!

The Sky Mall magazine has a lot of great gadgets for El Bob.

El Bob chills in the living room.

El Bob checks out the other Signature tower.

If El Bob jumps, can he make it to the pool?

El Bob rates this bed 5 stars for comfort.

El Bob likes muscle cars.

And exotics too.

El Bob thinks he should be the emblem instead.

El Bob’s ears flow through the wind.

El Bob says he’s got nothing on us.

Slow poke.

El Bob senses a storm coming.

If only El Bob had a fork in his mouth.

El Bob digs fast cars.

El Bob is on the lookout for cops.

El Bob is such a camera whore.

And yellow.

Just enjoying the view.

El Bob cruising in the ZHZ.

Too cool for school.

El Bob having Belgium waffles at The Signature.

El Rambo Bob.

El Bob’s favorite gun is the M249 SAW.

El Bob’s favorite receipt, ever. Does this qualify as a business expense?

El Bob likes round things!

El Bob wants to be El Azul Bob.

El Bob at the Blue Man Group show.

Blue Man and El Bob go way back.

El Bob at the Venetian.

El Bob is not impressed.

El Bob goes home.

El Bob goes to Italy

El Bob traveled with me to Italy the week before Memorial Day weekend for an engagement assignment I booked. We landed in Milan, and made our way to Pisa, Venice, Florence and Rome. His favorite part was playing with the pigeons in San Marco Square in Venice.

Can you guess what this is? (Hint: It’s moving very fast)

Taking the Trenitalia train to Pisa

El Bob likes to stay informed.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

El Bob can be elusive.

El Bob on Ponte Solferino, Pisa, looking at the Santa Maria della Spina to the right.

This car looks just right for El Bob.

El Bob is such a tourist. Can’t you be more creative?

Should El Bob climb up the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

El Bob admiring Duomo di Pisa.

El Bob can see all of Pisa here.

El Bob makes friends everywhere he goes. He is in a calm submissive state.

A very calm and submissive state.

El Bob waiting for another train. Safety is number one for El Bob.

El Bob loves the Eurostar trains.

El Bob loves speed.

El Bob welcomes you to Venice.

Home of the most aggressive pigeons ever.

El Bob is also a hopeless romantic.

El Bob wonders why the water smell so bad.

El Bob finds graffiti in Venice.

El Bob looks over the Grand Canal.

El Bob hitches a ride on a gondola.

El Bob sighs.

Taxi ride to the Murano Glass showroom in Venice.

El Bob at Hotel Danieli.

El Bob looking thoughtful.

El Bob at Saint Marcus Square.

Side view of El Bob.

El Bob always shares his food with friends.

El Bob admiring Bisilica di San Marco

El Bob by the parked gondolas.

El Bob likes looking into your eyes.

El Bob at Florence.

El Bob window shopping at night.

El Bob looks over Florence at the Piazzale Michelangiolo.

A closeup of Santa Maria del Fiore.

El Bob sizes up the Colosseum in Rome, his final destination.

El Bob’s adventures in Puerto Rico

I adopted El Bob from Ceyey, Puerto Rico. I drove down there from San Juan to have some lechón (suckling pig) at local restaurants, or lechoneras. It only cost $3 to adopt this piggy from being eaten. Don’t worry, I did’t eat in front of him. Unfortunately Bob didn’t get into any other photo opportunities other than Old San Juan. I’ll post the other photos of my Puerto Rico trip next.

I dropped Bob near the water fountain when I was trying to take a picture, and his ear broke off. While doing some window shopping I spotted a butterfly store selling ugly yarn dolls. I met store owner Cirene, a gorgeous woman, who explained all the stories behind each yarn doll. I found her intimate knowledge of about 100 of these dolls extremely attractive, as I am attached to all of my ugly dolls back home. When she heard about Bob’s accident, she was heart broken and immediately offered to help me reattach his ear on the spot. As her gratitude for making her day more interesting, she offered to let me take a picture of Bob with the butterflies, since her store has a “no photography” policy. I can easily say my experience with her was the best 20 minutes of my entire trip.

All photos were taken with my point and shoot, Sony DSC-W170. The trick is to use a tabletop tripod, set your ISO at the lowest possible, and use a timer to take longer exposure shots for the best quality. Of course in daylight, you can just snap away handheld. I also have grid display on my LCD so I can easily apply the rule of thirds. One of the very few advantages this Sony has over my Canon Elph is the wider lens.

Bob stayed at Hotel El Convento.

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