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Caroline in the Garden

I met Caroline while I was coaching a fellow photographer my tricks of boudoir photography, and I loved how photogenic she was so I had to ask her to model for me. Caroline has the sweetest girl-next-door look with an amazing long and curvy body that screams to be shown off and not covered in long dresses. Of course this is where I come in! This was our first official shoot together at a location from AirBnB, a secluded backyard with no neighbors. At first glance the property seemed messy and unusable, but we found nooks and crannies combined with a telephoto lens to blur out the background to magically produce a beautiful picture perfect backdrop to get naked in. She told me how it felt so free to have this intimate session outdoors in the beautiful weather with nature. I am incredibly proud to have broken Caroline out of her shell and looking forward to future shoots together.

Here Comes the Bride

She wakes up early in the morning, gets her hair curled, lashes on, pretty pink lipstick, a little blush, and some sparkling pearls. Instead of putting on the wedding dress, she puts on a white corset, white panties, and a garter that any guy would want to catch. It’s a bridal lingerie that is a very sexy complimentary set with the dress. When it all comes off, she teases with a darker seductive set, and ends playful and casual. I try to express the pretty, sensual, and playful sides of every woman with the range of outfits which help bring out all sides of their personality.

Cabos con Joliesa, Día 2

Day 2 of our adventures with Joliesa in Cabos San Lucas! We came back to the beach, this time during the day so we can actually see where we’re running off to. Nothing like running naked on a completely empty beach, not worrying about permits and rangers.

Cabos con Joliesa, Día 1

Back to my timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with the cute-sexy Joliesa. There should be a term for someone who is both cute and sexy. This time I shot at the Esperanza Resort just a few minutes away from the center of town. We spent the first day with mostly indoor intimate shots. We shot late into the night, taking a Jeep off-road into the pitch black sands by the ocean, our paths lit with headlights and iPhones. The moon barely lit the sky as I made use of my ISO 104,000. Can you spot the sexy Revolve swimwear? See more of it in the next post!

Scent of a Woman

I am absorbed by your scent like a boy to his blankie. Soft, safe, never wanting to be too far away from it. I will hold onto you securely when you’re here, I will feel emptiness when you’re away.

Boudoir Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn how to shoot intimate photos of women, and make them look beautiful? Here’s your chance to experience one of my boudoir photo sessions with a gorgeous model. You will learn how to interact with your model, how to pose them, and how to make the best of natural light, and modeling lights too. Take beautiful photos straight from the camera without relying on editing later! I am only limiting the class to 10 students, so sign up soon! The workshop will be featuring the beautiful Phiorella.


Ain’t Yo Momma’s Bridal Shoot

Every few engagement or bridal sessions, I like to sneak in a few photos with the couple that aren’t the most appropriate for the parents’ album. Isn’t it more fun to be a little frisky, give a little hint of your bedroom manners? You don’t get enough chances to have a professional photographer capturing your chemistry together, so don’t just take regular PG-rated hand holding and kissing photos that I usually yawn to. I wanted to take it a step further and make a bridal shoot even sexier, the reverse of getting ready, a voyueristic look of a bride who is dying to get out of her dress.

Start Your 2013 Sexy!

Time is flying by and before you know it, Valentines day will be coming up and I know you want something more than just flowers and chocolates. Make it a special day with a sexy intime session for January! Don’t wait till it’s too late, do it for yourself or book a session for your special someone.

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Bringing Sexy to Bump Photos

This might be the only time I ever showcase maternity photos, why you ask? Because most of the time they look like Sears studio portraits. I had an amazing opportunity to be reached out by a wedding photographer near LA who wanted me to photograph sexy baby bump photos for her. I was excited that I get to document such an intimate and important time of her life. Everything came together just perfectly, as I drove my rental car to her amazing suburban house, it was a perfect sunny West coast weather. She had just come back from her hair and makeup and looked stunning and was such a sweetheart to be around. As I lugged my lighting equipment in, I noticed her house looks like it could be featured in an interior design magazine.

We started with some warm up shots, as it became progressively more comfortable and easier, the photos got more intimate. I treated it like any other intime session where I wanted to show off her best features while also showing off the bump all while making sure she was comfortable. I find it even more sexy when a real woman (or soon-to-be mother) can open herself up to be captured so intimately, more so than a model who has to look sexy for a living. I cannot wait for our next true intime session with me. Here are some of the safe photos to share with the world.

LA & SF!

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