Angels Rockband

I invited some of my Angels over, throw them some Rockband guitars, drums, and a mic, and wardrobe all from Mandee’s and let them be goofy in front of the camera. The wonderful makeup provided by Jenn Kang, our behind the scenes Angel.

At Home with Cassie

I’ve been shooting with Cassie for many years, but I think the latest shoot tops it all. We both got so excited about the lighting, a mix of natural light and rim lighting outside, and flash indoors. Somehow everything just worked out so well to make an incredibly sexy woman shine. She’s all the good things of a Jersey girl put into a very sexy package.

Boudoir Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn how to shoot intimate photos of women, and make them look beautiful? Here’s your chance to experience one of my boudoir photo sessions with a gorgeous model. You will learn how to interact with your model, how to pose them, and how to make the best of natural light, and modeling lights too. Take beautiful photos straight from the camera without relying on editing later! I am only limiting the class to 10 students, so sign up soon! The workshop will be featuring the beautiful Phiorella.


Phiorella Earns Her Wings

Phiorella with or without angel wings will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. It only makes sense to give her the pair of wings she deserves, I just hope she doesn’t fly too far away!

Megan Fox

Can a fox be sexy and cute at the same time? Of course! Just look at Megan, one of my hottest and cutest new muses. This is her first ever photo shoot, but she really knows how to work the camera, so expect a lot more sets coming up. Follow her on Instagram @meganmind!

I Heart Christine

One of my new favorite models is Christine Elle. Working with her is easy and always ends with great results, but hanging out with her is just as fun with her cute smile, contagious laugh, and down to earth personality. It’s only natural for me to feature her on my blog this Valentines Eve, a sweetheart I can’t wait to do even more sexy shoots with this year.

Walking Dead

I’ve been watching a lot of The Walking Dead series, and since I had access to a crossbow, I was inspired to do a dark shoot with Christine Elle. Daryl from the series is one of my favorite characters, so I think Christine could team up with him for some silent kill action. Click here to see the before/after.

Jeanne + Vincent

Jeanne is another close friend of mine who moved to SF area after getting married. It seems like a trend for technology based companies. I shot her engagement in San Francisco, and her destination wedding at Tensing Pen in Negril, Jamaica. A photo shoot from a cold climate to a hot one. I normally wouldn’t plan an evening session due to difficulty of lighting, but I really enjoyed the results of the evening city session with a full moon.

Jennifer + Ivan

I am always happy to shoot weddings out in the west coast, since it’s always a change of scenery from the busy city landscape of New York. The weather was perfect out at Yorba Linda Country Club right outside of Los Angeles. When I look back at the photos, I just think oh how cute this couple was!

Gerrine + Homam

I adore this couple, whom I’ve had the pleasure to become good friends with over the years. They’re silly, hammy, incredibly down to earth, and they just enjoy life. Their engagement shoot was in Coney Island just a year before Sandy hit, and their wedding was out in Forest House Lodge just outside of San Francisco. The wedding was assisted by friend Fern Lee, not only do I adore her, but the couple did too!