Airstream Series: Jessica

In between the lingerie shoots at the Airstream with the other models, I squeeze in some sexy dress shoots with Jessica. She was featured in my last Palm Springs session a year ago, and many more years ago as one of my top favorites, and will always be on the top list. She has an amazing body and a face with such strong sexy features you cannot forget!

Airstream Series: Leah Park

My last session with Leah Park was in the desert at Palm Springs. Leah still stuns us with her natural beauty and long straight hair that I always love. We start off with some inside shots of the Airstream, a warm and sun filled trailer, before going around the outside using all the different seating arrangements offered by this property, and using some more foliage to help cover up what she took off.

Airstream Series: Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer traveled from Las Vegas to shoot with me at this unique Airstream property in LA. It was surrounded by a lush garden, koi pond, and picnic table. Jennifer totally rocks the long black hair, since not too many girls in the West Coast still keep their Asian hair a natural color. All of the photos were shot in natural light with no fill or light modifiers, just the way I like it. Keeping equipment down to a minimum of just the camera allows me to greatly interact with the model in a more natural way. She really knows how to stare at the camera and gets each pose just right, who wouldn’t want to spend a day running around with her at a heavenly escape?

Jennifer’s Model Mayhem

Estrada Sisters

Imagine spending a weekend in paradise with the sexy Estrada sisters, secluded behind a wall of bamboos, gardens, and a cute backyard shack. Tip toe, spin, toss, push and pull, flirt and dance. I love being around these girls, while they can be incredibly sexy in front of the camera, they are really just down to earth, low maintenance girls that I can eat Chinese take-out with, joke around and be myself. As most of you know, I’ve been creating beautiful images with Kyla since she was 19, and over the years she transformed from a cute innocent face to a mature sexy vixen. Koleen eventually came along and allowed me the great pleasure of being her photographer at 18. I think their photos speak for themselves how comfortable we are with each other, which lends itself to creating the best work.

Kyla’s Facebook | Koleen’s Facebook

More Hair!

The direction of Internet modeling photography is a hipster, vintage, Polaroid, spontaneous flash-caught-in-the-moment mood that conveys a unique style of sexy. With the introduction of quick and crushed image filters on mobile devices, the labor intensive skills of airbrushing and lighting correction are only preserved by print media which your parents once had to physically flip pages. Nowadays, just find a skinny white girl, put her in a bodysuit, sneakers, fake glasses, messy hair, and harsh lighting conditions, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for an Instagram or Tumblr hit.

Photographers usually start out trying to produce work that follows the rules and conforms to the societal definition of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing imagery. After the photographer learns the basics, they can pursue a personal style of their own. My portrait style photography quickly evolved to evoke a personal experience of emotion. Nothing is perfect, everything in the moment, all sentimental. Real life isn’t perfect, so I wanted the images to feel as if it could happen right in front of your eyes. I wanted the image to be a moment I experienced, happening as I took the photo, not a static pose, always in motion. The lighting is never perfect too, not following the correct ratio of key light versus rim light, but a mess of over and under exposed lights that set a mood. I’ve always described myself as a sentimental photographer. Beyond the objective physical attractiveness of a subject, the sentimental value can greatly add beauty in the eye of the photographer. This is her hair, her lips, her eyes, her legs, and her breasts, so I cherish it and I will photograph it as beautiful works of art. I believe when an artist sees beauty in his or her subject, the art will tell the story.

All these factors considered, I want the audience to feel what I felt, engage with the subject, pretend that the viewer is the one in the photo. One of my most used phrases during a photo shoot is “more hair!” and any model can attest to that. Most women on a daily basis wear their hair back, or tucked behind the ears for a formal and clean look while in school or work, since it’s inappropriate to leave the house with your morning bed hair. I don’t want photos of a well prepared model posing for a headshot. I want to capture that moment after she’s all flush from a wild night or morning, with no regard to her hair or manners. I want to capture her look of absolute comfort being herself in front of a significant other. I want to capture her guard down and her world opened to my camera. That is when I fall in love. That is when I capture my beauty. This is the reason why I have always loved telling women to throw their hair in their face, nobody is watching her, take the first step into being free from formality.

Now I see the rest of the world catching up.


Yayoi is an international model traveling around the world, busy making editorial spreads and covers. When she’s not on set, she likes to lounge around the house with a nice cup of coffee and just strut around in loose fit tops and panties, and sometimes nothing more than a body chain. I enjoyed interacting with Yayoi at my place during our session, she’s one of the rare Japanese models I get to work with. She can be cute or sultry, but delicious either way. Her favorite music is classical, so here is an appropriate piece to pair with her classy photos.

Yayoi’s Facebook

Amy Fay Behind the Scenes

I’ve been a fan of Amy Fay for a while, a very sexy model out in the west coast. I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a client that wanted me to photograph Amy here in New York, so I took this opportunity to book my own session with her at my favorite spot, Hotel on Rivington. I was excited to learn after reaching out to her that she was already a fan of my work too! My first impression of her when we met was how upbeat and spunky she is, which compliments my deadpan personality. While I pick the Rivington because of all the natural light, it was thunderstorms the day of the shoot so the light was limited and soon became dark. I was forced to use high ISO at slow shutter speeds, but I just shifted my style from bright and soft to dark and moody. Once the light was gone, I setup my AlienBees for the rest of the shoot. The total session was about four hours. I have to admit, I was giddy from the first minute of shooting all the way till the end. I felt like I had to pinch myself to make sure this was real life and Amy was actually there with me.

I had a GoPro running in the background, so here is a rare look at my behind the scene process from photo shoot to post production. The editing is not on the same day. This is not an in-depth tutorial, rather just a glimpse of my workflow. I scan through thumbnails to see what catches my eyes, drop them into Photoshop, edit to perfection, and repeat. You can see I rarely go into the menu, it’s all about the shortcuts! That’s all there is to it, do I make it look easy? Photos coming soon!

Grace + Angel

Grace and Angel are a kawaii couple from MD. I’ve known Grace for a few years and knowing her artistic talents only flattered me that she wanted to hire me for her special day. They are really like two peas in a pod, two really cute personalities that adds all the sweetness to the photos.

Bonnie + Roel

Bonnie and Roel are really chill people who had their reception only event at Cavo in Astoria, New York. From the toasts, to the friends and family, to the couple’s chemistry, you witness how rich their relationship is and how much they like each other, it makes photographing them incredibly easy and exciting. The short and sweet wedding events are the best!

Susan + Henk

One of my favorite stories is how Susan and Henk found me. It’s been a while so I might have not have the details accurate, but Susan and Henk both work in the Middle East, Henk is originally from South Africa and Susan is from Philly. They had wanted to get married in New York City Hall, so they asked their coworkers for recommendations. Somehow my name came up from a referral stationed in the Middle East, so that’s how they hired me! I can only say thanks to that person if you’re reading this!