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A Secret Garden

Deep in the woods, far away from the busy streets of the city and its residents, is a garden full of adventures and secrets. If you spend enough time here, you might be lucky enough to run into an Angel rustling through branches and foliage. If you’re the luckiest person on earth, you may even run into two Angels holding hands waiting to make your dreams come true. Make sure you don’t run and chase them, else they might get scared and fly away. Approach softly and whisper to them, and they will whisper their secrets back to you.

Be careful when you go into the woods, don’t leave your phones unattended. The Angels will come take endless selfies until your memory runs out! Of course it’s never a bad thing when your camera roll is full of Angel photos.

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Angels at the Rivington

This was one of my favorite sessions just because of how easy the setup was, allowing me to enjoy more time directing and interacting with the Angels rather than fussing with the equipment. The only lighting was a Stellar ring light, Canon 5D Mark II, and a Canon 40mm pancake lens.

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Angels Rockband

I invited some of my Angels over, throw them some Rockband guitars, drums, and a mic, and wardrobe all from Mandee’s and let them be goofy in front of the camera. The wonderful makeup provided by Jenn Kang, our behind the scenes Angel.

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Sexy Santas

Don’t you love holiday parties? I’ll take any holiday as an excuse to throw a bunch of ladies together in one room. See the rest of the photos on my Facebook!

Last Friday Night BTS

Check out behind the scenes of our Last Friday Night project, filmed by the extremely talented enigMatt. The girls are playful and sexy, now you know why they are my Angels!

Last Friday Night

Every year I like to create a group project. This year’s theme is "Tony’s Angels." Yes, I am a very possessive artist who claims my subjects as mine and do with it as I please. The secret is to treat them right and you will get everything you ask for in return. I have hand picked every one of these Angels who I’ve loved working with and getting to know. Each Angel has a unique personality and they all mesh together like a crazy fun family. Don’t be fooled by their sweet looks, when you put them all together, all the perversions and naughty thoughts come out and play. Are they really Angels? That’s for me to know.

I introduce you to the Angels at our very first slumber party, filled with candy, pillows, and a very happy Panda. Every family has fights, but we eventually kiss and makeup. We might have gone overboard…

Many thanks to Jonathan for his amazing penthouse location, enigMatt for the behind-the-scene video coming soon, Jenn Kang for her amazing makeup skills, and Ruby for pimping out Panda to us. For behind the scene photos, follow me on Instagram @tonyyangphotography or Facebook.

Angela: Goddess of the group with a sweet and soft face, she may be the only real innocent Angel!
Amy: Not only is she a mixed Angel, she brings both the sweet and naughty sides out.
Christiana: Playful bunny who brings the energy and life into the family, and her looks rock our socks!
Phiorella: The drop dead gorgeous Peruvian Angel that always wants to come out and play.
Kyla: The youngest but boldest Angel. Nothing will stop her from being sexy!
Kyla Gray: Bombshell Angel with a killer body that makes you want to beg for more.

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