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Corazon from Mexico

During my destination wedding trip to Cancun, Mexico, I had the pleasure of meeting Corazon who lives there and models freelance, originally from Oregon. My beach shoots usually consists of renting a car and scouting the area for local non-touristy and secluded beaches to photograph. I find that locals outside the U.S. care the least about photo shoots, while even American tourists can get upset about having a nude model on the beach they’re visiting. I like to drive down the beach highways and when I see exit signs for local beaches, I pull in and scout. Paamul beach was a narrow long road that led to a security booth, where the guard gave us a long speech in Spanish and I thought he was going to kick us out for whatever reason. When asked to repeat in English, he was just warning us not to bring our own food/alcohol, and other miscellaneous beach rules. Off we went to find the right spot by the water, and the other beach security guards didn’t bother us setting up a photo shoot. This is never allowed in the U.S.! It was a fun and easy shoot, Corazon is a great model to work with and a treat to have during my trip!

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How I almost got arrested

Maybe the next few series of warm photos will make you feel a little warmer in this winter weather. I have to thank my friend for recommending such a gem out from Los Angeles. Having a high energy, bubbly personality creates great interactions for me to capture. I am sure you want to know what almost got us in trouble.

It was early morning when we drove to Abalone Cove which is a public park/beach. There happened to be a film crew setting up the day for some production with two police offers on watch. All of this took place at the park on the cliff, while the model and I hiked down the cliff to the beach out of sight. We shot all around on the beach and in nooks and crannies against the cliff wall. The place was practically void of any souls all morning. We eventually started topless shots on the beach, and naturally I scan the area to make sure nobody was around. Above on the cliff I did notice two subjects in the distance, one seemed to be an officer with binoculars, so I’m sure he spotted us, but he didn’t stay there long.

After our little adventure we hiked back up the cliff to the parking lot, where we were greeted by the officers by our car. He said he normally would have come down to arrest us for what we did, but fortunately he had security duties for the production crew that day. When asked if it was because of photography, the officer said it was illegal for nudity on the public beach, and not to come back here again. No problem and thank you sir!

Here’s a tip I give photographers who aren’t sure about the rules of a location. Prepare your equipment and subjects before you’re in sight of the location, this way you’re ready to start shooting as soon as you get there. Just keep shooting as fast as you can. If someone is approaching you, keep shooting and pretend you didn’t see them coming, until they talk to you and ask you to stop. You can then say you didn’t know there was a restriction and move on.


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