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Nancy + Steve

Nancy and Steve are my very close friends, and it was a pleasure to photography their 10-year “together” celebration. Who says you can’t take couple photos anytime during your relationship just for the sake of photos? Nancy also happens to be one of the best makeup artists that I work with.

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Waiting to be caught

She was a guest at the wedding, her fierce eyes pierced me like a harpoon and I could not escape her grasp. Every moment was spent trying to get another glimpse of her, maybe she noticed, hopefully not. Like a prey deathly afraid of it’s predator, I dare not approach her but always kept her in my peripheral sight. I escaped unscathed, yet gained nothing, or so I thought.

Days pass and I could not cease thinking about the beauty I’ve witnessed, and by request the bride gave me permission to reach out. Beyond expectations, she accepted my invitation. She risked following me into the unknown, and surfaced in love with the art we had created together. The harpoon remains embedded in me, I don’t want to be free. I wait for the day I am completely pulled aboard and share the same path.

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