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Generation Hipstergram

From my observation of what the new photo generation craps out their behind, it’s all about a happy-good-feeling-everyone-can-be-pretty look screaming, “look I’m from Brooklyn!” Some obligatory elements include fake large framed glasses, skinny jeans, back lighting, glare galore, massive bokeh, crushed dynamic range, cross processing, and drunken/tipsy postures. I agree the look is flattering for all, but kids born after the VCR digging vintage cameras and the film style boggles my mind. Perhaps I only like to look to the future, perhaps the kids want to relive the fading photos they’ve seen of their parents. Here is my tribute to you, oh eager hipster kids, may you continue to move back in time. Thank you Koo for being a great sport. Don’t forget to click the read more link.

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