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Liang + Andrew

Liang and Andrew are a super cute and smiley couple who ventured out with me to Central Park for their engagement session last Spring and we got some beautiful lush flowers and gorgeous green leaves just starting to bud. Their wedding was even prettier at the Cairnwood Estates in Pennsylvania. I remember Liang saying how her jaw was starting to hurt from smiling all day, and you can tell it was true genuine happiness.

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Nancy + Steve

Nancy and Steve are my very close friends, and it was a pleasure to photography their 10-year “together” celebration. Who says you can’t take couple photos anytime during your relationship just for the sake of photos? Nancy also happens to be one of the best makeup artists that I work with.

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Evacuated City

Two years in a row New York is being hit by a major storm caused by a hurricane, and this year’s Sandy will be a lot more devastating than Irene. The night before the storm, New York City forces public transportation shut downs and evacuations. While the weather is still relatively calm, the city is mostly dead with only a few souls roaming around. This was my perfect opportunity to capture empty streets of a city that “never sleeps”. I drove to some of the more well known spots, from Times Square, Columbus Circle, Apple Store, to Herald Square, Union Square and Meatpacking District.

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Grace + Cefaan

It’s always a treat to work with a small bridal party who alots ample amount of time for formal portraits, especially in a private location where no friends and family can bother us. More time and less people allows a more relaxed and enjoyable session that really shows in the result. I especially enjoyed photographing the couple on the second floor of the Bowery Hotel. The whole floor was closed off for us to run around and shoot. The ceremony and reception was at Astra, a small venue with a high floor balcony to enjoy the view.

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More Pei Please

Meet Pei Pei, a New Yorker actress who is naturally an OMG-cute kinda girl, playing it sexy for my camera at the Royalton Hotel. She has an incredibly cute China doll face with a voluptuous body to make for a killer combo. You could totally take her home to your mom. If you like what you see, say “more Pei Pei please!”

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A Journey into a Storm

It was finally her turn to find true love, but he hurricane had taken away all that she had worked for. She was left to her own devices to search what she was looking for, and without a soul in sight, she found herself. The storm had set her free.

Fly Maya, Fly.

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El Bob goes to DUMBO

El Bob spends the morning in DUMBO, Brooklyn and walks across the bridge for the first time with all the tourists! There is always lots of colors to see in DUMBO and the place never looks exactly the same when you go back. One thing for sure, El Bob never leaves without making a new friend, even in New York!

El Bob inside the “Plaza” which looks more like a tunnel than a plaza.


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Faye in New York

It’s almost impossible not to turn your head when someone with a presence like Faye walks past you. I felt all of New York staring at us while walking through the streets of Manhattan. After the first amazing shoot in a tiny hotel room in Toronto with Ms. Faye, I had to fly her down to New York to shoot in three hotels and a studio. It was an incredible pleasure for me to have her spend the weekend working with me, shooting some high end work, and lots of intime work. The fabulous high end makeup was done by the super talented Nancy Lan.

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Storm over Manhattan

The moment I saw flashes outside my window, I grabbed my 5D with 16-35mm 2.8L, remote and tripod. I wanted to create a time lapse, so each frame had to be fast enough shutter to allow enough frames, rather than low ISO and long shutter speeds. Each frame is ISO 400, f/13 at 5.6 seconds. The view is out my balcony in Fort Lee, NJ.

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