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Hidden Bunny

The subject and photographer relationship depicted in these photos perfectly speak to the relationship between bunny and I. This idea is specific to us, and is personal to me. There is a playfulness tied to the seriousness. This is how I see her. This is how I want the world to see her.

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Feel so close

What do you do when you show up at a hotel room with a girl and nothing planned? Photograph her teasing you! I present to you another fun session with this Vietnamese chickie Joliesa.

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El Bob at Baltimore Grand Prix

El Bob goes down to Inner Harbor, Baltimore for the Grand Prix weekend. It was exciting to walk the track built on the city streets, eat good food, and have good company. It was always El Bob’s dream to go 180mph, so this was his next closest thing.

El Bob tests out the tire barrier for the Grand Prix. Safety’s number one!


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A woman worth waiting for

I met her at a friend’s birthday dinner, I couldn’t keep my attention off her. We kept in touch, but it wasn’t until two years later to the exact day (give or take a day) that I was given the unbelievable opportunity and joy of sharing an intimate session with a sweetheart and a goddess. My fondness of her is a combination of her incredibly sweet personality and flawless complexion. My heart would skip a beat to each shutter release. To capture a soul that you adore and to have each other open up completely without hesitation, is photography nirvana. If it takes two more years for our next encounter, then I will wait patiently.

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Mila in Baltimore

I recently attended a large BMW East Coast meet called MPACT in Baltimore, MD. I took the opportunity to have a photo shoot in front of the hotel and at the stadium. All of the shots are taken with multiple exposures or bracketing for a slight HDR editing effect that isn’t too obvious or noticeable, therefor a tripod is a must-have. One thing I dislike is over abuse of HDR. Photographs need contrast and a focal point.

Below you will see a composite from the evening photos. The main shot is the ambient light from the street. Other shots of Mila and the smoke were taken with a Canon Speedlite on a Quantum battery, triggered remotely by an Aputure Trigmaster (more reviews on the device in a future post). The camera is on a tripod while I hand held the flash at different angles pointing at Mila, and my assistant Tiffany would press the camera shutter on my command.

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El Bob stays at Hotel Monaco

El Bob recently visited Inner Harbor Baltimore and stayed at Hotel Monaco. This magnificent structure was built in 1906 as the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad headquarters. This hotel is a great bargain compared to New York hotels, at double the floor space for a quarter of the cost. I will be sure to come back for future projects. The staff are extremely friendly and completely open to photography even with tripods on property.

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El Bob stays at the 1840s Carrollton Inn

If you want to find a cute, vintage bed and breakfast near Inner Harbor Baltimore, the 1840’s Carrollton Inn will be an amazing stay. You won’t find ugly floral patterned window curtains and bed sheets decorated by your grandma.  Even the bathroom is spacious and gorgeous, and the jacuzzi could definitely be a lot of fun. This particular room is the Liberty Room.

Fancy furniture for a fancy night.


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