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Fort Tryon with Sabrina

Sabrina and I walked around Fort Tryon park in Manhattan on a sunny day enjoying her cute summer dresses. As the photographer, we have just as much say in the wardrobe as the model. A photographer who has a vision must also know what kind of outfits he or she wants in the narrative. So many times the photographer might say “whatever you want,” when the model also replies, “I don’t know, what do you want?” Somebody needs to make a decision! When it comes to the outfits, the model needs to feel good in them, she needs to feel pretty or sexy. The photographer needs to create the story, the setting, observe the lighting, and tell the model the outfit is appropriate. My taste has always been soft, loose, flowy light summery fabrics that barely sits on the skin. It makes the model feel free and comfortable. I love the idea of cute clothes that can easily be on the verge of sexy. The inadvertent slip of the strap, revealing collar bone and cleavage or dangerously low back is such an incredible tease you just want to take the model inside so it can just be slipped off completely. So remember photographers, you have just as much of a responsibility and say to the wardrobe if you are organizing the photo shoot.

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Kyla Throwback

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of photographing Kyla over the past four years, watching her transform from an innocent face to a seductive siren. The photo shoots have alternated between Miami and New York, from a hotel room to the beach, from my studio to a Brooklyn loft. No matter how she looks or where she is, her true playful and down to earth personality always shine behind the camera, and I love just hanging out with her. She will only blossom into a more confident and sexy woman with the coming years.

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Amy Fay Sleepless in Bed

What do you do when you’re stuck inside in a thunderstorm, hearing the pitter patter of the rain on the window, drops sliding down the glass slowly, a deep rolling thunder vibrates your whole body? It’s time to cancel any plans you had, and just go back into the safety of your bed, hide under the sheets, roll around, dance to the beats of the rain and bass of the thunder. Amy knows the rain dance like nobody else, may it rain forever.

Amy Fay’s Instagram | Amy Fay’s Facebook

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Kyla at the Bentley

I invited Kyla Gray to the Bentley hotel in New York for a late night session. The mood was dark, sexy, and rough. As the evening got later, the outfits became naughtier, and how else to end a hot shoot than a cold shower!

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Amy Fay Behind the Scenes

I’ve been a fan of Amy Fay for a while, a very sexy model out in the west coast. I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a client that wanted me to photograph Amy here in New York, so I took this opportunity to book my own session with her at my favorite spot, Hotel on Rivington. I was excited to learn after reaching out to her that she was already a fan of my work too! My first impression of her when we met was how upbeat and spunky she is, which compliments my deadpan personality. While I pick the Rivington because of all the natural light, it was thunderstorms the day of the shoot so the light was limited and soon became dark. I was forced to use high ISO at slow shutter speeds, but I just shifted my style from bright and soft to dark and moody. Once the light was gone, I setup my AlienBees for the rest of the shoot. The total session was about four hours. I have to admit, I was giddy from the first minute of shooting all the way till the end. I felt like I had to pinch myself to make sure this was real life and Amy was actually there with me.

I had a GoPro running in the background, so here is a rare look at my behind the scene process from photo shoot to post production. The editing is not on the same day. This is not an in-depth tutorial, rather just a glimpse of my workflow. I scan through thumbnails to see what catches my eyes, drop them into Photoshop, edit to perfection, and repeat. You can see I rarely go into the menu, it’s all about the shortcuts! That’s all there is to it, do I make it look easy?

Bonnie + Roel

Bonnie and Roel are really chill people who had their reception only event at Cavo in Astoria, New York. From the toasts, to the friends and family, to the couple’s chemistry, you witness how rich their relationship is and how much they like each other, it makes photographing them incredibly easy and exciting. The short and sweet wedding events are the best!

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Susan + Henk

One of my favorite stories is how Susan and Henk found me. It’s been a while so I might have not have the details accurate, but Susan and Henk both work in the Middle East, Henk is originally from South Africa and Susan is from Philly. They had wanted to get married in New York City Hall, so they asked their coworkers for recommendations. Somehow my name came up from a referral stationed in the Middle East, so that’s how they hired me! I can only say thanks to that person if you’re reading this!

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Celine + Eddie

I’ve known Eddie since high school, so it was exciting to be his wedding photographer and see his family again after so many years after they moved to LA. I liked Celine immediately with her charming, friendly, and outgoing personality, and all three of us just had great chemistry when they came to New York to shoot their engagement photos, since they both grew up in the East Coast. It was in the middle of winter during the session, but Celine braved the freezing weather better than anyone else I’ve met, her smile never dimmed and I don’t even remember her shivering at all.

They picked a beautiful location on campus to get married in LA where Celine works. The weather out there is perfect, and the foliage and architecture made for plenty of opportunities for photos. It was such an easy day, I couldn’t ask for a better couple!

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First Night with Christine & Megan

Christine and Megan met for the first time at Hotel on Rivington, ready to get share some sexy poses together. They strutted their stuff in their own sexy outfits while I brought the body chains from Element 7. It’s a lot easier to direct intimate poses with two new girls together as long as they have chemistry, and while they both did great, I cannot imagine what we can create next time!

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Joliesa at the Rivington

I found Joliesa on Facebook years ago, and we’ve since shared many sexy photo sessions over the years, from Maryland to New York, all the way to Mexico too. Here’s a little glimpse of our fun in New York at the Hotel on Rivington, one of my favorite locations.

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Angels at the Rivington

This was one of my favorite sessions just because of how easy the setup was, allowing me to enjoy more time directing and interacting with the Angels rather than fussing with the equipment. The only lighting was a Stellar ring light, Canon 5D Mark II, and a Canon 40mm pancake lens.

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Carmen + Vibhor

I was very happy that this couple introduced me to the beautiful Watkins Glen State Park in Ithaca, New York. It’s just a stunning walk through, and I can’t wait to shoot there again.

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Venus + Rick

I’ve known Venus for years, so it’s really not a job when you’ve enjoyed photographing someone for so long, except now they’ll be wearing a sexy wedding dress and I get to follow her for the whole day. We started the morning session at a local park where we discovered ginormous white bags which resembled marshmellows, time to grab giant sticks right? I still remember how incredibly hot and humid that day was, but when you’re enjoying the session, the weather won’t stop you. The wedding took place at the amazing Blue Hill Farm, where all the food is grown and prepared on site. Talk about farm to kitchen! The beef was from their grounds, and the eggs were laid fresh the same day. The kitchen was so professional they wouldn’t allow vendors to cross the room without a supervisor leading us across a twenty feet walkway. No photos allowed in the kitchen! I honestly want to go back for another meal some day.

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Sexy Santas

Don’t you love holiday parties? I’ll take any holiday as an excuse to throw a bunch of ladies together in one room. See the rest of the photos on my Facebook!

Kyla at the Salon

We were a little eager to get started shooting Kyla even before her hair was ready, but don’t worry, I bribed the model with some Haribo gummy bears. The photos were taken at HeadQuarterz in New York, and makeup by Gil Aldrin. Don’t miss out on the sexy video below for some behind the scenes.

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Rella At The Beach

It’s always fun to shoot at a secluded beach without a single soul to disturb you. You can run around free and have the whole beach to yourself. One of my favorite recent discoveries is a beach in New York that was closed due to Hurrican Sandy and the abandoned structures were filled with sand. I may be sneaking in there more during off season. Phiorella did an amazing job being playful and sexy, and her gorgeous long hair makes you believe she is a beach goddess.

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Annie + Xin

Annie and Xin wanted to capture an old China feel, and what better place than Chinatown in New York City. The poses required for this theme is different from your typical affection-filled engaegment shoots. There is a mood of conservative coyness, a silence, and a hidden emotional story that doesn’t need words or public affection to express. It was a fun experiment and I encourage more couples to engage in themed sessions.

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Last Friday Night

Every year I like to create a group project. This year’s theme is "Tony’s Angels." Yes, I am a very possessive artist who claims my subjects as mine and do with it as I please. The secret is to treat them right and you will get everything you ask for in return. I have hand picked every one of these Angels who I’ve loved working with and getting to know. Each Angel has a unique personality and they all mesh together like a crazy fun family. Don’t be fooled by their sweet looks, when you put them all together, all the perversions and naughty thoughts come out and play. Are they really Angels? That’s for me to know.

I introduce you to the Angels at our very first slumber party, filled with candy, pillows, and a very happy Panda. Every family has fights, but we eventually kiss and makeup. We might have gone overboard…

Many thanks to Jonathan for his amazing penthouse location, enigMatt for the behind-the-scene video coming soon, Jenn Kang for her amazing makeup skills, and Ruby for pimping out Panda to us. For behind the scene photos, follow me on Instagram @tonyyangphotography or Facebook.

Angela: Goddess of the group with a sweet and soft face, she may be the only real innocent Angel!
Amy: Not only is she a mixed Angel, she brings both the sweet and naughty sides out.
Christiana: Playful bunny who brings the energy and life into the family, and her looks rock our socks!
Phiorella: The drop dead gorgeous Peruvian Angel that always wants to come out and play.
Kyla: The youngest but boldest Angel. Nothing will stop her from being sexy!
Kyla Gray: Bombshell Angel with a killer body that makes you want to beg for more.

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Marie + Dan

Here’s a look back at Marie and Dan’s engagement and wedding portraits. One look at Marie’s eyes and you’ll never wonder why Dan fell in love with her. Due to my schedule I couldn’t capture her wedding day, so we scheduled a portrait session after. It’s not everyday you find out a bride can drive stick shift, so why not let her do some drifting action?

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