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Annie + Xin

Annie and Xin wanted to capture an old China feel, and what better place than Chinatown in New York City. The poses required for this theme is different from your typical affection-filled engaegment shoots. There is a mood of conservative coyness, a silence, and a hidden emotional story that doesn’t need words or public affection to express. It was a fun experiment and I encourage more couples to engage in themed sessions.

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A Traditional Chinese Wedding

From my experience, a traditional Chinese wedding only requires the banquet and tea ceremony – no need for a typical church ceremony. The bride and groom got ready at the Soho Grand North Penthouse in Chinatown. Unfortunately there was not enough time to get formal shots during daylight, thank goodness for prime and the videographer’s model lamp. I love it when the client doesn’t want to waste time on group photos so they squeeze everyone into one super wide shot and call it a day. The rest of the time is fun time!

The secret into getting the meaningful shots that the bride and groom will cherish the most is being observant, unobtrusive, and patient. For example, when you’re sharing an elevator with the couple, do you A) start some witty conversation with them so they think you’re actually a funny person, B) take every opportunity and free time they have to pose them in a high fashion shot, or C) be silent, be still, let the couple fall into their own groove and do the little cute and affectionate interactions with each other as if they were alone. Most likely you will get the following responses when they see the results for A) None. You weren’t taking any pictures. B) “Oh, that pose looks pretty cool, good job photographer.” C) “Wow I can’t believe you captured the way I always rest my head and hands on him! You’re totally a ninja.”

Now pay me $5,000 for this online workshop. Thank you.

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