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Increase Your Photoshop Productivity

You don’t always have a choice for faster processor or more RAM in your computer when using Adobe Photoshop, so it’s important to manage your memory usage as efficiently as possible. Memory management allows you to work faster and less time waiting for the computer to finish a process.


Photoshop [PS] is a memory hog, this has been the same since the beginning through out all versions. PS needs as much memory free in RAM as possible to run all the actions as fast as possible without needing to use the hard drive as cache. The first step is to close as many applications you don’t need before starting up PS to free memory. If you need to run other apps with PS, make sure PS is the last app you load in order, this way PS has a more accurate idea of how much RAM it can work with, and allocate the correct amount of “clean memory.” Watch out for Firefox as it is terrible with memory management. If you need to run FF, at least restart the browser and restore session, you will notice the memory it uses can drop by more than half.

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