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Predator Orion

I’ve had the ├╝mnitza Predator Chromiums for maybe 2 years and have gone through 2 sets of rings and 2 ballasts, and I also hate the cold weather issues. Recently my driver’s side angel eyes quit working. Perhaps I did a bad soldering job, but this time I made sure I would do it cleaner and add additional insulation.

I ordered the 60-LED Orions as soon as I heard about them, and it was a pretty easy upgrade. Instead of using the plugs they provided, I soldered the wires, then shrink wrapped and insulated, then more layers of electrical tape!

Right out of the box, I noticed the LEDs (when off) have a slight yellow tint to them which bothered me. However, after installation, it will no longer be visible.

The one complaint is the wires direct from the rings are too short. The DRL ring leaves enough length, but the HID ring barely makes it out the rear. The multi-level clipping system is awesome! I wanted to re-adjust the depth but felt like I can never remove the clip again, which is a good thing. It was an extremely tight fit while reassembling my headlight casing, which I thought was good too because it meant a more snug fit and less chance for the rings to vibrate. This time around the rings absolutely feels more solid and unlikely to break, unlike the Chromiums.

I’ve been driving with these new lights for 2 days and I love them. Yes, you can definitely see the individual LEDs if you’re up close, but it’s still very bright during the day and ridiculously bright at night. The standard color rings have a higher color temperature than my stock 5k HIDs. Looking at the rings at night is pretty much like looking at bright halogen bulbs, it’s that bright. The rings also fades nicely on and off with the remote, and they don’t flicker like in the videos. I believe the flickering is a camera issue as I tried making a video myself.

So far absolutely no cold weather issues with low 20’s to low 40’s temperature here in NJ. Photos taken with a Sony DSC-W170.