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What’s your backup?

This is my storage. 7.5 terabytes on RAID 5. I have 2 more terabytes upstairs. Nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next guy has more or twice the amount I have. These are two Thecus N5200 NAS on a gigabit connection. It’s fast. I strongly recommend anyone who doesn’t have external storage backups for your important documents and photos to invest in one. They can be bought for even under $100 for the basic models, which is nothing compared to the cost of data recovery services when you lose years of your personal photos from your desktop or laptop, which is a matter of time, not if. You can start by checking out Seagate FreeAgent which I recommended to a computer illiterate co-worker of mine, and she loved how easy it was with the included software. I use Vice Versa Pro to schedule automatic synchronization and backup of all photos from my desktop on a nightly basis. Even with this reliable storage, I don’t feel 100% at ease. I plan on buying more external drives, backing up everything, and storing them in a safe.

Please share any methods you have on backing up your most important documents.