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A Cinematic Wedding

As a photographer who shoots the “same” cookie cutter weddings every weekend, it is always a nice treat to see something new. The Eglinton Grand reception hall in Toronto was exactly that surprise. What used to be a movie theater is now a banquet hall while keeping the character of theater. The warehouse session was completely unplanned and some trespassing was required. The unexpected is always welcomed in photography.

One of my major goals in shooting weddings is to convey a cinematic mood to the audience. The main method is to shoot in landscape format since that is how video is shot. Landscape is also more calm to the eye than portrait, which is tall, grand, and energetic. Portraits usually limit photographers into thinking it has to fill the frame with the subject, but if you’re willing to color outside the lines, you will discover a lot more interesting composition throwing the subject off center and to the side.

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