Michelle Will Knock Your Socks Off

Michelle reveals more in the studio with some very sexy pieces of fabric. Sometimes it’s amazing how much more you pay for less material. She’s got great movements, sultry stares, wild hair, and an incredible body that would make any photographer weak at the knees.

In the Bedroom with Christine

Christine is the type of girl you want to wrestle with in the bedroom, play under the sheets with, or even just eat popcorn and watch a movie in bed with. She’s the type that you can just chill and be yourself, and you’ll still wonder if you’re really dreaming and how a sexy kitten like her can be in the same room as you.

Sabrina with Mila

There is something really sexy about watching a woman be part of a male dominant world, such as operating a manual transmission, and even sexier when both the car and driver are extreme eye candies. Take me anywhere you want, make do anything you ask.

Michelle at Rivington

Michelle is from the sunny state of California, a very sexy Orange County girl you wouldn’t expect to be a nice and sweet homebody, however she does put up a very sexy face and knows how to maneuver her body sensually and provocatively. This is the first day of our shoot when Michelle visited me in New York, making good use of the bed and the fur rug. More from my studio coming up!

Joliesa at the Rivington

I found Joliesa on Facebook years ago, and we’ve since shared many sexy photo sessions over the years, from Maryland to New York, all the way to Mexico too. Here’s a little glimpse of our fun in New York at the Hotel on Rivington, one of my favorite locations.

Scent of a Woman

I am absorbed by your scent like a boy to his blankie. Soft, safe, never wanting to be too far away from it. I will hold onto you securely when you’re here, I will feel emptiness when you’re away.

Angels at the Rivington

This was one of my favorite sessions just because of how easy the setup was, allowing me to enjoy more time directing and interacting with the Angels rather than fussing with the equipment. The only lighting was a Stellar ring light, Canon 5D Mark II, and a Canon 40mm pancake lens.

Gene Kay

A photographer’s dream: meet the girl with an irresistible look, take her out shopping, then to the studio. We pick and choose what to start out with, a warm up outfit. Once we’re comfortable with each other, even the basic poses and outfits will look intentional and will have presence. Now it’s just the me, the camera, lights, and her. She puts on a simple one-piece, it reveals all only behind its delicate flowers. Each word that comes out of my mouth is a motion for her to move. She looks intently into the camera and moves gracefully between each word, already anticipating the next move, that’s when I know we have chemistry and the ideal subject. At this moment I am speechless but words of encouragement and flattery spill from my lips. Her ears, eager to hear more, persuades her body to reveal more. I pinch myself to see if it’s a dream, the pain travels up then down to my arm, I smile.

Angels Mask Party

Dazzling wallpaper, sparkling cocktails, intoxicating beats, glistening skin,
a night with masked Angels.

Christine Elle

This is our wonderful first shoot with Christine Elle. She is very experienced and it just made shooting so much easier and pleasurable. We had instant chemistry and our photos just got sexier through the session. One thing I’ve noticed about Christine is that she loves to move to music and can’t help it when there’s a good beat whether or not the camera is on! Soon to release the next set!