Megan From Above

Here is a session of the foxy Megan just having fun laying down below the camera. It still takes a lot of work to keep arched, twisted, bent, and looking natural when laying down. See the bonus Megan Loves to Dance video below.

A Slice of Sun

Sometimes you have to improvise your shoot based on what the environment gives you. I was excited to use my newly surfaced balcony, and the sun was at just the right angle where it only cast a beam of light down the center. This was the perfect place for the model to squeeze in, and the contrast between her black outfit and light skin created a great form to work with. It was important to bring out her skin texture as well as making the shadows very dark for a boost of contrast.

Splash Around with Elyse

Elyse shows off some of the sexiest swimwear from this season wet or dry. From a modern one piece, to retro two piece, to a barely there micro bikini, she really makes us want to jump in the pool to cool off. The awesome make up by @sabakandi.

Kim’s First Shoot

Kim and I had a blast with our first shoot, it didn’t take much time to get down and sexy. She’s from Philly and works at HQ Beachclub at Revel, you might just bump into her if you go. Kim looks great with lingerie, swimwear, casual, body chain, or nothing at all. When you’re always working under the sun, getting a great tan is never difficult. The long hair is also a lot of fun to work with, but you just have to be careful not to cover up too much!

Kyla’s Favorite Spot

Kyla Gray and I seem to share a favorite spot, this soft and comfy bed where you can just roll around with nothing but soft sheets and a light breeze to make you feel completely free and floating on cloud nine. When you make your place as comfortable as a hotel, your guests never want to leave. No luggage required, no clothes to pack. Ask Kyla to stay.

Amy Fay – See Through You

I am excited to share the first part of the incredible shoot with Amy Fay here in New York. I booked a beautiful suite in Hotel on Rivington with floor to ceiling panoramic windows and a large king bed. That’s really all I need for the perfect photo session, although a beautiful bathroom would just be a bonus. The makeup was done by the most talented artist I know here in NJ, Jennifer Kang. We shot on an overcast day, so the light coming into the windows was already soft, but the fall off is much greater and requires high ISO on the bed with a prime lens. The monochromatic design of the room is perfect for making the model stand out, especially with Amy’s perfect skin tone and soft flowing hair. My favorite items to shoot are soft fabrics that just hang onto the body, ready to fall at the slightest touch. I am dividing the session to multiple parts so you can enjoy more photos of Amy. She is just as stunning and charming before all the glamour makeup and posing begins as what you see in the final images. I was just a little in love. Don’t miss out on the behind the scene bonus video below!

Amy Fay’s Instagram | Amy Fay’s Facebook

Sweet Morning with Cassie

The way the natural light beams through her hair, and how it caresses the sides of her body so gently and softly, it feels surreal as she dances in the sun light. I want to remember the smile forever, I don’t want the sun to ever set, can this day last forever?

Kyla at the Bentley

I invited Kyla Gray to the Bentley hotel in New York for a late night session. The mood was dark, sexy, and rough. As the evening got later, the outfits became naughtier, and how else to end a hot shoot than a cold shower!

Airstream Series: Debbie

I love every session with Debbie, she is such a perky and fun person to spend time with. We both share our Taiwanese pride, even though we can barely order any Taiwanese dishes at a restaurant. She is a very talented dancer and just as good a teacher to someone with two left feet (me). All of her amazing traits translate to an incredibly enjoyable time with us playing on set, just being herself and not trying to look sexy for the camera. Her bubbly personality and dancing skills just translates itself to confidence, and we can all agree confidence is sexy.

Airstream Series: Jessica

In between the lingerie shoots at the Airstream with the other models, I squeeze in some sexy dress shoots with Jessica. She was featured in my last Palm Springs session a year ago, and many more years ago as one of my top favorites, and will always be on the top list. She has an amazing body and a face with such strong sexy features you cannot forget!