El Bob Races in Germany

El Bob had the privilege to take the journey of every car enthusiast’s dream and step hooves on the motherland of German cars sacred ground of the Nordschleife.┬áHis first stop was Munich to enjoy a few days of Oktoberfest which was overhwhelmed by an insane number of drunken Germans. After a tour around the city including BMW World, El Bob took a 5 hour drive on the infamous Autobahn to Nurburg to get a taste of the Nurburgring. It was heaven. El Bob thinks this is one of the best trips he’s ever taken, and would surely like to visit the Ring again.

El Bob thinks Germany looks just like Switzerland.


El Bob loves war plans.

El Bob especially loves the P-51 Mustang.

Welcome to Germany, home of the i3 and i8.

El Bob gets picked up from the airport in a 5-series.

El Bob watching the spectacle of the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Marienplatz.

When El Bob looks up, everyone looks up too.

El Bob posing with the lions at Feldherrnhalle.

El Bob rubbing noses with the lion, a German tradition.

After a long tour, El Bob relaxes with a Radler.

El Bob starts off with some pretzels.

El Bob having a weisswurst. What El Bob doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

El Bob watches the wonderful horses that parade the Oktoberfest grounds.

El Bob in front of the Bavaria Statue where all the drunk Germans take a break.

El Bob sees drunk people everywhere.

El Bob poses with lovely women in drindls.

El Bob and Tingting getting ready to storm the tents.

El Bob tries to find a seat in the sea of tables inside the tents.

Prost (cheers) to El Bob!

Zum Wohl! (Bottoms up!)

El Bob overlooking Oktoberfest at night.

Even the bowls are edible!

El Bob visits the beautiful grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace.

El Bob buys tickets to BMW Welt.

El Bob loves BMW.

El Bob wants an M badge on himself.

Or an Akrapovic exhaust.

El Bob is more aerodynamic than this truck.

El Bob sits inside the carbon fiber body of an i3.

El Bob digs the wheels.

El Bob likes the frozen paint.

El Bob follows the pretty German tour guide.

El Bob almost gets run over.

El Bob takes a detour as he spots Legoland.

El Bob takes a ride.

Lego pets count as friends too.

El Bob meets a friendly family. They don’t talk much though.

El Bob on a Lego safari.

El Bob crashes a German wedding.

El Bob gets a glimpse of Berlin.

El Bob finally feels bigger than life.

Even El Bob enjoys paparazzi sometimes.

El Bob watches some soccer.

El Bob has never seen so many Lego people at once.

El Bob prepares for flight.

El Bob wouldn’t be able to fit in these planes.

El Bob visits Venice for a third time.

El Bob is in automotive heaven.

El Bob’s new home, the Nurburgring.

Two words El Bob can easily learn.

El Bob’s little rental.

El Bob is supported by H&R bushings.

El Bob meets Kermit.

El Bob at a leisurely lunch on the track of Nurburgring.

El Bob on a quick tour of the Nurburg Castle with a view of the Ring track.

El Bob overlooking the town of Nurburg. He will miss Germany very much.

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  1. Michael January 15, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    Great pics! Love Germany.

  2. Jesse January 24, 2013 at 4:59 am

    I think the last time I recall el Bob he was in the Caribbean. The beer and pretzel looks great, I have to make it to Oktoberfest at least once in my lifetime.

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