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GorillaPod Review

I just purchased the Joby GorillaPod Magnetic from Adorama and here’s my initial impression/review of my new favorite accessory. I have tried a GorillaPod clone in the past and thought it was bad quality, which was why I never bothered trying out the original one. My first impression holding this tripod was how good the quality was. The legs are very sturdy and didn’t feel loose like the clone I tried, none of the parts wobbled and no excess movement whatsoever. The magnetic version has neodymium magnets at the base of each leg which allows a strong magnetic bond to metal surfaces for more options on shooting. Just be careful not to place this tripod next to a portable hard drive or memory cards to be safe! The rubber feet is great for traction. Read More

Shutter Actuations

According to some sources about retrieving shutter actuation count on a 1-series Canon camera, my up to date odometer reads 472,022 actuations since October of 2005. That equals 157,340 per year, 13,111 per month, 3,277 per week, 468 per day. For those of you who struggle with your learning speed, maybe you just aren’t shooting  enough, consistently. I don’t mean shooting 5 burst frames in a row every time just because your camera can do it, but spending every bit of your free time shooting something. Does that sound like too much of a commitment? If so, now you know the reason why you aren’t as good as you want to be.