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El Bob in Maui, Hawaii

El Bob spent a few days in Maui, Hawaii with the wedding party. He went on adventures from the beach, to the addictive ABC store and the Grand Wailea resort, to hiking through bamboo forests, waterfalls, paragliding, and even whale watching! One unique phenomenon I witnessed was during paragliding where you can see an entire circular rainbow below you in the clouds. You can watch my paragliding YouTube video here. Unfortunately Maui was the island El Bob lost his tail, in the bamboo forest, at least it will forever be part of Hawaii.


El Bob hangs out at the pool in the backyard.


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Maui Wedding

This 4 day celebration took place on the island of Maui, Hawaii. I documented the house party, new years eve party, wedding day, and other little adventures. This party hands down drank the most alcohol I’ve ever witnessed, go Taiwanese people!

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Fairy Tale in Maui

Queenie and Michael live in Taiwan but found me through a mutual friend. They were looking for a photographer who can capture their interactions with each other in the most natural way, and not the same poses from all the Asian photo studios. You can see the children still trapped inside the couple wanting to come out to play, and this trip out to Maui, their summer home, was a perfect opportunity. The wedding photos to follow on the next post.