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Pebble Beach Wedding

If you want a wedding with the most perfect grass that you could destroy with your high heels, then a golf course is your choice. And if you want the premier golf course this country has to offer, then Pebble Beach is also your best choice, or specifically, the Monterey Peninsula Country Club. While most golfers only wish they could hit a few rounds on Pebble Beach, I was able to rub my cheap Aldo Velcro shoes all over the pristine grass while following around a delightful couple and their fantastic family. Adorable blonde babies, humming birds, exclusive grass, great assistant (Fern Lee), and a good looking crowd, the only thing I could ask for is more weddings like this.

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El Bob goes west, again

El Bob went back to California and visited the north side for the first time. He landed in Concord, CA but the first stop was to the Golden Gate Bridge. El Bob attended a wedding the next day at Murrieta’s Well Winery in Livermore. From there, El Bob took a scenic drive down the famous Pacific Coast Highway, which took about 9.5 hours heading south stopping at many of the scenic overlooks. The drive from north to south is arguably one of the best drives in America. El Bob spent a few days in LA and met some new friends before going back up to San Francisco which only took 6 hours this time. El Bob’s trip ended with a second wedding at Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach.


El Bob at the airport waiting for his meal to come.


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