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Tamrac ZipShot Tripod Review

I was browsing Tamrac’s website when I found a product of theirs called the ZipShot compact, ultra-light tripod. After watching their brief but effective video on how easy and fast the tripod is to assemble, I browsed for more YouTube reviews. This is a simple and effective technology, so I decided to buy one from B&H.

I purchased this tripod for the purpose of using my Canon S90 point and shoot. While I already have a Manfrotto aluminum tripod for DSLRs, it just looks silly using a tripod who’s head is larger than the body of the S90, and impractical to carry around for light trips. I also have a Sony table top tripod perfect for dinner time, it’s only a few inches tall and would be useless for outdoors. The ZipShot is only 15″ collapsed, and can fit in a woman’s large purse. Expanded, the tripod stands 44″ tall. The maximum weight is 3lbs which is more than enough for a point and shoot. The whole tripod is made out of light weight aluminum.

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