Micro Four Thirds First Test

I’ve been very tempted to get a Micro Four Thirds camera for travel and day to day life photos. I like the idea of compact bodies with prime lens options, although not a big fan of how the equipment costs almost as much as DSLRs. I borrowed a friend’s Olympus OM-D E-M1, with a 12-40mm f/2.8, and a few primes. This body is on the bigger side of M4/3 bodies, but it allows it to be packed with dials and buttons easily accessible, along with a sturdy grip and flip screen. Coming from DSLRs and a 6 year old Canon S90, I was very impressed by the focusing speed and sharpness of the images. The entire kit of body and 4 lens fit in a small pouch that I can easily take anywhere, much of an improvement from my Lowepro backpacks.

I took the Olympus with me to Doylestown, PA while spending a weekend there for wedding photography. My first test with this camera was during low light settings, typical of when anyone would go to a nice dinner and want food pics. Thanks to Yelp, we stumbled upon Spuntino¬†for pizza. While I was never the biggest fan of pizza, I have to say my world changed when I tried 3 different personal pizza pies from this place. They all tasted dramatically different, the crust was nicely charred, the meats were incredible, and the addition of olive oil kicked it up a notch. Simply put, this was the best pizzas I’ve ever experienced in my life. Well, back to reviewing the camera.

The photos are processed through Lightroom, while stylized a bit on the heavy side, I was very happy with the results while shooting in RAW format. Having the option of shooting with prime allows for the DSLR look, while looking more inconspicuous and traveling light. I think if the end result of the photos can transport you into the scene and not distract you with lack of quality, then it does the job I want. I will be posting more shoots with this camera in the next few posts.

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