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Kuo + Lawrence

I was flattered when another wedding photographer Lawrence Ha from the West coast wanted to hire me to shoot his wedding down in Cancun, Mexico. It was a great to meet him and his wife for the first time, especially knowing him through Facebook over the years. It’s natural to feel pressure to shoot for another fellow photographer, but all the photographers who I’ve worked for understand the stresses of wedding photography, which make them more easy going as a client. If I ever hire someone for my unlikely wedding, I would give him or her plenty of slack and try to not make it feel like work. For your information, working at a destination wedding is way more difficult than a local wedding, so you can all stop telling us how lucky we are to work on a non-equipment-friendly environment!

Cabos con Joliesa, Día 2

Day 2 of our adventures with Joliesa in Cabos San Lucas! We came back to the beach, this time during the day so we can actually see where we’re running off to. Nothing like running naked on a completely empty beach, not worrying about permits and rangers.

Cabos con Joliesa, Día 1

Back to my timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with the cute-sexy Joliesa. There should be a term for someone who is both cute and sexy. This time I shot at the Esperanza Resort just a few minutes away from the center of town. We spent the first day with mostly indoor intimate shots. We shot late into the night, taking a Jeep off-road into the pitch black sands by the ocean, our paths lit with headlights and iPhones. The moon barely lit the sky as I made use of my ISO 104,000. Can you spot the sexy Revolve swimwear? See more of it in the next post!

Diana + Anthony

Diana and Anthony booked an amazing house on top of the hill in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was great location to have the bridal party stay for the duration of the trip, and to have the wedding over looking the ocean.

El Bob Relaxes in Cancun

El Bob makes his way to the east coast of Mexico for the first time to Cancun. Thankfully he stayed at a family friendly resort, Now Jade, instead of fighting his way through intoxicated Spring Breakers. While El Bob could have gotten all his eats, sun, and water in the all inclusive resort, he was able to check out some local beaches too. Do you recognize the boat he’s sitting on?

El Bob at Paamul beach.

Corazon from Mexico

During my destination wedding trip to Cancun, Mexico, I had the pleasure of meeting Corazon who lives there and models freelance, originally from Oregon. My beach shoots usually consists of renting a car and scouting the area for local non-touristy and secluded beaches to photograph. I find that locals outside the U.S. care the least about photo shoots, while even American tourists can get upset about having a nude model on the beach they’re visiting. I like to drive down the beach highways and when I see exit signs for local beaches, I pull in and scout. Paamul beach was a narrow long road that led to a security booth, where the guard gave us a long speech in Spanish and I thought he was going to kick us out for whatever reason. When asked to repeat in English, he was just warning us not to bring our own food/alcohol, and other miscellaneous beach rules. Off we went to find the right spot by the water, and the other beach security guards didn’t bother us setting up a photo shoot. This is never allowed in the U.S.! It was a fun and easy shoot, Corazon is a great model to work with and a treat to have during my trip!

Los Cabos

Lallana and I flew into Los Cabos, Mexico for a very sexy shoot on an empty beach early in the morning. I scouted the area the day before the shoot, and I found an overlook that requires some steep hill climbing in a car. The harder a location is to get to, the less people. We had the cliff all to ourselves. With my wireless Logitech speakers blasting, we enjoyed the morning sun bathing on her golden skin.

You can follow Lallana on Twitter.

Mazatlan, Mexico

This was the third destination within a month, you can imagine how tiring it can be. Traveling to exotic destinations to shoot a wedding is not fun and games as one would expect just by looking at the photos. Imagine lugging a thirty pound bag with you at all times, that is not what I call a vacation. However, when you have a couple like Sunny and Marjorie, work becomes easy, and there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing than taking photographs of a fun group of misfits. I will let the photos do the talking.

Sunny enjoys photography too and he had imagined a specific shot he thought would’ve been cool if I took during the reception. Instead of telling me what his idea was, he just positioned himself to be at the right place at the right moment. The idea was during the father and bride dance to have the groom visible standing in the background. Lo and behold, I saw the opportunity and took the shot. It was after he saw the photo that Sunny told me he thought of the same shot. The point of the story is, even though the bride and groom should “ignore” the photographer and be natural, it also helps to be mindful to help create the opportunities for certain shots to be taken. Beautiful photographs are a two way collaboration between the subject and photographer.



Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The week after Grand Bahama trip, I flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for another destination wedding. I made the trip out with my friend James Jeon who is quickly becoming a great cinematographer for all sorts of events and projects. The trip was an adventure exploring the local town, trying tacos from all over the place, driving into a desert, finding local beaches, and go-karting all with the help of James’ fluent Spanish. The wedding was also followed by a Trash the Dress session the next day. We took a boat out to Lover’s Beach and without a dock, we had to jump into the water by the beach to get ashore. This is quite scary when you have two DSLR bodies to carry with you and the boat is rocking  up and down a few feet at a time! It was a great trip, but I have to say, I like Tex-Mex food in the states better!

Mazatlan, Mexico

I went back to Mexico within a month for another wedding, but this time I headed to Mazatlan which isn’t too far from Los Cabos. Instead of the usual point and shoot photos, I decided to document my sightings with the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app. Apparently everybody loves the photos and I didn’t have to do any work!

El Bob in Los Cabos, Mexico

El Bob visits Mexico for the first time for a very intimate wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico. Of all the places in Mexico El Bob wanted to visit, being on the tip of the Baja peninsula was definitely on the top of the list. Hopefully some day El Bob can witness the Baja 1000 race as well.

El Bob loves doors made to fit him exactly.