El Bob in Taiwan

El Bob visits the other side of the world for the first time! He spent three weeks with so much to see and so much to eat. Food there is amazing and very cheap, so are the hotels. El Bob went crazy and jumped from hotels to hotels, as well as traveling from Taipei all the way north, to Kaosiung all the way south on the High Speed Rail.


El Bob fills up his passport with stickers to win prizes at Family Mart


El Bob with Din Tai Fung dumpling

Smells so good!

El Bob loves green bean soup

Some steamed dumplings for El Bob

El Bob and Taipei 101

El Bob picks a song…

El Bob taking on karaoke!

El Bob and cousins

Everyone in the family is cute!

Giddy up El Bob!

Night market with El Bob

Stinky tofu almost knocks El Bob out

A sunset at Danshuei

El Bob tests the bed at Taipei Fullerton

Comfy chair for watching TV

Advanced remotes for every room

Big shower for a little guy

Soft fluffy towels for El Bob

Some Chinese movies for El Bob

El Bob trimmed these…

El Bob loves oyster omlettes!

El Bob finds a relative of Domo

Pebble fountain in Q-Square

Bunny time

Night market with some ladies

Kisses for El Bob

Staring contest with dessert

There are lots of “love hotels” like Wego

Breakfast for El Bob

El Bob visits CTV

Talents getting ready

El Bob joins the recording set

El Bob doing some networking

El Bob available at Family Mart

Lunch time!

El Bob at Love Boutique Hotel in Taichung

Enormous jacuzzi for a thousand El Bobs

Outdoor soaking tub

El Bob needs a step stool

Private bench area outside the room

Beef noodle soup

El Bob’s favorite new dish, beef with scallions and cucumber pancake

El Bob outside Eclat Hotel, Taipei

The rooms include a Nspresso machine

More deliciousness during Chinese New Year

Packed courtyard

How will El Bob find his way?

Oyster pancake for 20?

Celebrating Chinese New Year

El Bob has a drink

El Bob’s temple

Mos Burger for El Bob

El Bob going on the HSR

Hotel room with 101 view

Nap time for El Bob

El Bob poses for a kiss

El Bob is rich!

El Bob bumps into some friends from the States

El Bob finds some big toys



Star Wars!

Mech Warriors?

El Bob is a space pig!

El Bob blends right in

El Bob and dragons

Hi bunnies

El Bob becomes an ornament

Delicious home cooked meal by aunty

El Bob visits Kaosiung

El Bob takes a ferry to the island

Tomato and a special sauce

El Bob poops out some ice cream

El Bob’s flying friends

El Bob comes home with chocolate gold


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  1. sandra li May 31, 2012 at 10:17 am

    im so jealous of el bob. food looks awesome. yum

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