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El Bob Relaxes in Cancun

El Bob makes his way to the east coast of Mexico for the first time to Cancun. Thankfully he stayed at a family friendly resort, Now Jade, instead of fighting his way through intoxicated Spring Breakers. While El Bob could have gotten all his eats, sun, and water in the all inclusive resort, he was able to check out some local beaches too. Do you recognize the boat he’s sitting on?

El Bob at Paamul beach.

El Bob Drops In St Lucia

El Bob flies to St Lucia for a wedding celebration. He relaxes at an all inclusive resort and explores the local town. You’ll just have to wait for the wedding photos to see it all!

El Bob on one of the highest points of the island where the lighthouse sits.


El Bob Does Dallas

El Bob enjoys some amazing Dallas food during his short trip to Texas. If he’s not careful, he could be mistaken for food himself!

El Bob is in heaven with beef brisket from Rudy’s.


Ho Ho Oink

El Bob goes west, again

El Bob went back to California and visited the north side for the first time. He landed in Concord, CA but the first stop was to the Golden Gate Bridge. El Bob attended a wedding the next day at Murrieta’s Well Winery in Livermore. From there, El Bob took a scenic drive down the famous Pacific Coast Highway, which took about 9.5 hours heading south stopping at many of the scenic overlooks. The drive from north to south is arguably one of the best drives in America. El Bob spent a few days in LA and met some new friends before going back up to San Francisco which only took 6 hours this time. El Bob’s trip ended with a second wedding at Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach.

El Bob at the airport waiting for his meal to come.


Mazatlan, Mexico

I went back to Mexico within a month for another wedding, but this time I headed to Mazatlan which isn’t too far from Los Cabos. Instead of the usual point and shoot photos, I decided to document my sightings with the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app. Apparently everybody loves the photos and I didn’t have to do any work!

El Bob in Los Cabos, Mexico

El Bob visits Mexico for the first time for a very intimate wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico. Of all the places in Mexico El Bob wanted to visit, being on the tip of the Baja peninsula was definitely on the top of the list. Hopefully some day El Bob can witness the Baja 1000 race as well.

El Bob loves doors made to fit him exactly.

El Bob in Bahamas Day 3

El Bob takes his first swim ever, he can’t float so he sinks immediately.

El Bob makes a new friend by covering her up with sand.

El Bob in Bahamas Day 2

El Bob spends his second day in Old Bahama Bay resort trying to avoid all the bugs.

El Bob smells friends.

El Bob in Bahamas Day 1

El Bob arrives at Old Bahama Bay resort in Grand Bahama. He is overwhelmed by the colors and natural life around the resort. He feels like he’s back home.

El Bob sits on some very plushy grass. They don’t have grass like this back in the states.